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New Fence Regulations Are In Effect
Posted: Monday, September 21, 2009

At their regular meeting, Monday, September 14, the Shoreacres City Council passed Ordinance 2009-51 amending the City's fence regulations.

Here is a summary of some of the key changes:

  • Fences can no longer be erected on vacant lots.

  • Maximum fence height increased from six feet to not more than eight feet in height, except a wooden fence which may have up to a six-inch rot board along the bottom.

  • Fences abutting on a street right-of-way, public park, or public waterfront are to be constructed so that all supporting members, including posts and horizontal runners, do not face the street.

  • Fences in the front portion of a lot shall be no more than 25 percent opaque. Chain link and other similar wire type fencing are prohibited within the front portion of a lot. This allows the installation of ornamental iron, split rail, and other "open" style fences to be erected out to the front property line.

  • The use of electric fences is allowed only to restrain the movement of dogs. An electric fence building permit is required prior to installation; "electric fence" signs are required; electrified elements of the fence must be protected from accidental contact by any person on property abutting the premises where such fence is installed; and a city inspection is required to confirm the product used is tested, approved and installed in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.

  • No barbed-wire fencing shall be used within the city except on government owned property or when required by law.

  • Walls, fences or similar structures shall not contain any substances such as broken glass, spikes, nails, or similar materials designated to inflict pain or injury to any person or animal. 

  • Any non-conforming fence that is damaged as much as 50 percent shall be replaced in accordance with current regulations.

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