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Call 281.476.2237 for information about emergency response incidents at member facilities and off-site transportation incidents (such as a tanker truck, rail car, pipeline, or marine vessel) that may impact Shoreacres or the surrounding community.

Bayport Noise?

Citizens can report complaints directly to the Port of Houston via their Community Information Line at








Mayor Responds to Port Easement Proposal

Posted: Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear Shoreacres Property Owner,

As you are aware, the City of Shoreacres and its residents have for many years expressed concerns related to the development of the Port of Houston Authority (PHA) Bayport Container Terminal. Those concerns have included noise, air, water and light pollution; hazardous cargo mishaps; increased coastal erosion; adverse impact on marine life; aggravated storm surge effects; and vulnerability to hurricanes and acts of terrorism.

Now that the terminal is operational the level of noise generated by construction, maintenance, and operation is no longer a subject of speculation. The noise is very real, invasive, and disruptive to the peace and enjoyment of public and private property throughout the City.

In their effort to address noise complaints the PHA has performed a Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSIP) feasibility study. Following the study, a limited number of property owners were invited to participate in a program titled, Bayport Mitigation Solution Program.

A finite number of La Porte and Shoreacres residential properties were identified as eligible for participation in the mitigation program based on sound impact maps prepared during the RSIP study. In simple terms, each identified homeowner is being offered $40,000 and each lot owner offered $5,000 in return for their acceptance of an easement.

The City’s review of the proposed easement prepared by PHA titled, Bayport Easement Agreement, has found the agreement to be exceptionally broad in scope. The grant of easement reaches far beyond the issue of noise to include light, vibrations, emissions, and other effects inherent in construction, development, operation and maintenance.

As we read the easement, it provides no limit on the level of allowable noise or other nuisances. Moreover, the agreement expands the release of claims to the extent that it could prevent you from recovering compensation or relief for losses or damages from causes other than sound or noise. The agreement could release not only the PHA but the owners of containers as well as vessel operators from losses or damages resulting from normal operations; as well as accidents occurring at the terminal such as fires, explosions, chemical leaks, collapses, etc. It’s conceivable that granting the release of claims could also impact the normal coverage of your property or casualty insurance.

The City cannot offer or provide you with legal assistance or advice. So that you might fully understand the agreement you are strongly urged to seek legal advice.

Once the proposed easement is executed it cannot be withdrawn or revoked.

We are concerned that property owners may unwittingly diminish the value of their property far beyond their expectation for a noise easement. In doing so, you could not only affect your own property value, but also erode the property value of your neighbors’ property and ultimately decrease the City’s taxable property base.


Jayo Washington
Jayo Washington, Mayor 

City's Ike Recovery Grants Moving Forward

Posted: Thursday, March 18, 2010

The City of Shoreacres has received information today that three of our five Hurricane Ike recovery Texas Community Development Grants (TxCDBG) have finally moved from the Texas Department of Rural Affairs (TDRA) to Harris County Community Services Department (CSD). The agreement (between TDRA and CSD) to fund these projects is being reviewed by the County Attorney.

The three projects in this first round agreement include Storm Drainage Improvements, Wastewater System Repairs, and replacement of the Shoreacres Police Station.

Following the County Attorney's review, the agreement will be placed for approval by Harris County Commissioner's Court.  

This moves us another step closer to release of funds and project bidding.

Two more grant projects are still pending at TDRA. Those projects include Water System Repair & Improvement; and, Street Repair & Improvement.  

A discussion of the status of these five grants has been placed on the City Council agenda for Monday, March 22, 2010. The meeting will take place at City Hall, 601 Shoreacres Blvd, at 7:00pm.

Port of Houston Authority Bayport Sound Mitigation

Posted: Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Port of Houston Authority (POHA) has announced their Bayport Mitigation Solution program to address residential noise concerns from the operation of their Bayport facility. Under this program some area property owners may be eligible to receive a mitigation payment in exchange for agreeing to a sound easement.

Program information including maps and their independent study can be found at: www.bayportmitigationsolution.com 



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