The City Council of the City of Shoreacres, Texas met in Special Session on

Monday, May 21, 2007 at 7:00 p.m.
in the City Council Chambers of City Hall, 601 Shoreacres Blvd.,

Shoreacres, Texas, with the following present constituting a quorum:


                                                           Mayor      Jayo Washington

                                              Mayor pro tem      Tom Revak

                                                      Alderman      Joe Gomer

                                                 Alderwoman      Vickie Ellis               

                                                 Alderwoman      Sandi Lochner                     

                                                      Alderman      Gerry Victor


              City Administrator / City Secretary      David Stall



The meeting was called to order by Mayor Jayo Washington at 7:04pm.





4.0       REPORTS

4.1       Council Reports


Revak: No report.


Gomer:  Reported that he talked with a TxDOT supervisor doing ditch work on Broadway about clearing the ditches in Shoreacres.


Ellis: No report.


Lochner: Raised an issue of the number of adults allowed in a single family residence and suggested a maximum number of adults per square foot might be reasonably required. Examples of Pearland, Texas and San Diego, California were offered as possible sources of such ordinances.


Victor: Reported that he had discussions with the Parks Board and that mowing and weeding is needed at the park. He also raised concern with an excessive number of vehicles on some lots in the city. One example was described as having 14 to 18 vehicles.


Washington:  Reported on the pending port noise meeting with La Porte and the POHA scheduled for June 20, 2007, at Sylvan Beach at 6:30pm.

5.0       BUSINESS

5.1       Consideration and approval of invoices.


            No action taken.


5.2       Consideration and approval of an ordinance adopting floodplain management regulations required by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for eligibility to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP); and, adopting the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) dated June, 18, 2007. (Washington)


            Alderman Gomer moved to discuss. Alderman Revak seconded.


            Council discussed the ordinance and the City Administrator responded to a number of questions.


            Alderman Gomer moved to approve the ordinance. Alderman Revak seconded.


            The vote was as follows:

            AYES: Gomer, Ellis, Lochner, Victor.

            NAYS: None.


5.4       Consideration and approval of Resolution Number 07-03, Canvassing the votes of the Municipal Officer’s Election held on Saturday, May 12, 2007. (Washington) 


            Alderman Revak moved to discuss. Motion died for lack of a second.


            Alderman Revak moved to approve the resolution. Alderwoman Ellis seconded.


            The vote was as follows:

            AYES: Gomer, Ellis, Lochner, Victor.

            NAYS: None.


5.5       Administer Oaths of Office to the newly elected Aldermen. (Washington)


            Mayor Washington administered the Oath of Office to Joe Gomer, Richard Adams, and Dolly Arons.


The new council members were congratulated.


There being no further business, Mayor Washington declared the meeting adjourned at 7:36pm.


PASSED AND APPROVED THIS  _____  DAY OF ______________________      2007.





                                                                        Jayo Washington, Mayor







David K. Stall, City Administrator / City Secretary