Shoreacres Shorts

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New Water Bill Format & Shoreacres Shorts

Utility Billing Transition

As you can see, we are changing how our water bills are generated, printed and mailed. In the process we will make minor adjustments during June, July and August. Standard size forms and envelopes will be more cost effective. This new system will be more efficient overall and provide our utility customers with better service today and in the future.

Shoreacres Shorts

Starting this month the Shoreacres Shorts newsletter will appear here on the back of your utility bill. This reduces the number of pieces mailed and helps ensure everyone receives timely information from the city. From time-to-time the blank portion above (back of remittance form) will be used for resident surveys and questionnaires.

Itís Hurricane Season

Resident vehicle stickers are available at City Hall.

BFI Waste Services is Now Allied Waste

You may soon notice dark blue garbage collection trucks picking up your trash. Itís a new name but not a new company.

Allied Waste Contact Information

For missed pick-ups call: 713.948.7600

For more information visit:

Pier Association Key Day

The Pier Association will be at City Hall from 8am to 5pm on Saturday, June 25th. For information about the Pier Assn please contact Keith Jasek at 281.470.9743, Glen Cook at 281.471.9491, or Gus Wolf at 281.471.0454.


Large Truck & Boat Ordinance to be Considered

On June 27 the City Council may consider an ordinance to regulate the parking and storage of large boats (not on trailers) and certain large commercial trucks and semi-tractors on residential lots. Citizen input is welcome and encouraged. Please attend the meeting or contact your council members prior to June 27.

Recycling Program

Our recycling program gives each of us a way to conserve landfill space by reducing the volume of waste that is buried in the ground. It also helps us ease the burden on our natural resources by recycling old materials such as paper into new products. In a typical community each family generates about 60 pounds of recoverable newspaper, cardboard, glass, plastic, tin and aluminum every month.

The City of Shoreacres provides blue plastic recycling bins for resident use. If you need a bin please contact City Hall at 281.471.2244.

Thursday is Recycling Day

On your recycling day place your filled bin on the curb by 7am. Rain or shine, Allied Waste will pick up the recyclable materials listed below. Itís that easy!

Newspaper. Newspaper only. No magazines, junk mail, phone books, or other paper.

Plastics. Clear and cloudy plastic soft drink bottles and milk jugs (please rinse, drain completely and remove caps). No plastic wrap or other bottle types.

Cans. Aluminum & bi-metal (tin) cans only (please rinse, drain completely and flatten). No foil, pie tins, aerosol cans of any type, or scrap metal.