Shoreacres Shorts

                                                                              October 2005



Happy Halloween!

The Shoreacres Halloween Hayride will begin at Bayshore Elementary School on Monday, October 31, at 6:00pm. Routes will posted at City Hall Monday.

Please be very careful driving on neighborhood streets while children are trick-or-treating.

VoIP Broadband Internet Telephone Service

Do you have VoIP (Internet) telephone service at your home? If so, here are some important things you should know.

Activate Your 911 Dialing

Contact your VoIP provider and supply them with your street address and 10-digit emergency telephone numbers for fire, police and ambulance.

FIRE                 281.471.2141

POLICE            281.326.5900

AMBULANCE    281.488.0022

Activate Your Emergency Notification Service

The City of Shoreacres uses an automated telephone notification service to call residents and deliver a variety of emergency messages. VoIP (Internet) subscribers are not automatically added to the City’s notification list. If you have VoIP telephone service at your home please contact City Hall and provide your address and VoIP telephone number so we can add it to our system.

Service Loss During Power Outages

VoIP 911 dialing and emergency telephone notification will not function during power or broadband outages.


Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Help protect the environment and rid your home of unwanted hazardous materials.

Saturday, October 29, 2005 – One Day Only
8:00 am to
2:00 pm
University of Houston – Clear Lake
North Student Parking Lot D

What to Bring:

Paint Products
Pesticides & Fertilizers
Motor Oil & Filters
Gasoline & Fuels
Household Cleaners
Pool Chemicals

Automobile Tires (limit 5)
Printer Cartridges
Computer Monitors
Printers & Scanners
Fax Machines
Video Tape Recorders

Please bring products in their original containers. Keep properly sealed and labeled. Do Not Mix Products!

What to NOT to Bring:

Business Waste
Medical Waste
Radioactive Waste
Smoke Detectors
Microwave Ovens
Washers or Dryers

Compress Gas Cylinders
Tractor Tires
Air Conditioners
Freezers or Refrigerators

For More Information Call 713.290.3000

This HHW Collection Event is funded by Harris County in partnership with the Environmental Institute of Houston/UofH-Clear Lake, the Association of Bayport Companies and Harris County Precinct 2.