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Call 281.476.2237 for information about emergency response incidents at member facilities and off-site transportation incidents (such as a tanker truck, rail car, pipeline, or marine vessel) that may impact Shoreacres or the surrounding community.

Bayport Noise?

Citizens can report complaints directly to the Port of Houston via their Community Information Line at







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City of Shoreacres
601 Shore Acres Blvd
Shoreacres, TX 77571

City Hall:
   281.471.8955 Fax

Municipal Court:
   281.471.8955 Fax

Police Department:
   281.307.1950 Business
   281.471.2141 Dispatch

Public Works Department:

EMERGENCY: Call 9-1-1

After-Hour Utility Emergencies: 281.470.6451

FID: 74-6003575

DUNS: 010792729

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The Shoreacres Planning & Zoning Commission plans for the orderly growth and development of the city. They formulate a zoning plan to carry out the goals of the city plan, hold public hearings and make recommendations to the city council relating to the creation, amendment and implementation of zoning regulations. The Commission studies and recommends the general design and location of public buildings, bridges, street fixtures and other structures. The Commission holds meetings as needed to address current issues. Any interested person may attend their meetings. Citizens may also apply for appointment to the Commission [Application Form].

Position Member Name Term Expires*
1 Scott Miller 07/31/2019
2 Johnny Hill 07/31/2019
3 Kendall Pickett 07/31/2019
4 Wes Bell 07/31/2019
5 Leo Gonzales 07/31/2020
6 John Kuhn 07/31/2020
7 Bo Bunker 07/31/2020

* Members continue to serve until removed or replaced.

Planning & Zoning Commission Agendas & Minutes

Zoning Map - WEST     Zoning Map - EAST

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The Shoreacres Zoning Board of Adjustment Commission is selected by City Council from the members of the Planning & Zoning Commission. The Commission holds meetings as needed to address current issues. Any interested person may attend their meetings. Citizens may also apply for appointment to the Commission [Application Form].

Position Member Name
Chair [ vacant ]
Member [ vacant ]
Member [ vacant ]
Member [ vacant ]
Member [ vacant ]
Member [ vacant ]
Member [ vacant ]
Member [ vacant ]

Board of Adjustment Agendas & Minutes

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The Shoreacres Parks & Recreation Advisory Board is appointed by City Council for two-year terms. The Board holds regular quarterly meetings and others as needed to address current issues. Any interested person may attend their meetings. [Application Form]

Position Member Term Expires
1 Amanda Gonzales 1/31/2019
2 Morgan Jones 1/31/2019
3 Howard Dahl 1/31/2019
4 [ vacant ] 1/31/2018
5 Kay Pickett 1/31/2018
6 Cody Bunker 1/31/2018
7 Jaylee Whitaker * 1/31/2018

* Youth Representative

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The Shoreacres Civic Association helps maintain the flora and landscaping of the wooded environment of the city. The Association also organizes a number of fun events such as an Easter Egg Hunt and Halloween festivities. This is accomplished through a variety of fundraisers throughout the year. For more information, please call Heather Thompson, Association President, at 832.434.4084.

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The Shoreacres Recreation Association adds to our leisure conveniences by providing a lighted fishing pier and boat ramp at a nominal fee each year. For more information please contact Joel Graham at 281-701-8751.

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Children of Shoreacres attend schools in the nearby LaPorte Independent School District. For many years Bayshore Elementary School was strategically located along Fairfield within walking distance of most homes. Following Hurricane Ike in 2008 Bayshore Elementary School was moved to 800 McCabe Road in La Porte.

Shoreacres is served by San Jacinto College with campuses nearby in Pasadena and Houston.

For higher education, the University of Houstons Clear Lake Campus is just minutes away.

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The City of Shoreacres participates in the National Flood Insurance Program. Our Community Number is 485510. The current FIRM Map date is June 18, 2007. All of the City of Shoreacres is within a Special Flood Zone AE or VE.

Our Base Flood Elevation (BFE) ranges from eleven feet (11') to seventeen feet (17'). The minimum building elevations (MBFE) range from twelve feet (12') to eighteen feet (18'). To see a MBFE list by address click here.

Additional flood insurance program information can be found at www.floodsmart.gov

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Our longtime local newspaper, the Bayshore Sun ceased publication in October 2010. Effective October 4, 2010, the City designated The Houston Chronicle as the City's official newspaper. [Ordinance 2010-82]

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Utility rate information can be found [here].

For additional information about:

   Water, sewer and trash services, please call Shoreacres Public Works at 281.470.6451.

   Gas Utility, please call Center Point at 281.471.4333.

   Cable Television service, please call Comcast Cable at 800.776.9993.

   Telephone service, please call Southwestern Bell at 800.499.7928.

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The city's street lights are maintained by CenterPoint Energy.
To report street light outages CLICK HERE.

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Trash service is provided by Decker Dispose-All & Recyling. Payment for household trash collection service is included on your city utility (water) bill.

Trash pick-up days are Tuesdays and Fridays.

There may be no trash service on these holidays should they fall on Friday:

  • New Year's Day (January 1)

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day (July 4)

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Day (December 25)

Household Waste must be placed in containers, bags or bundles. There is no limit to the number of containers, bags or bundles to be collected at each house.

Bulky Waste will be picked up curbside on Fridays. Decker Dispose-All will not pick up building materials or appliances with coolant, unless it is propertly tagged that the Freon has been removed.

Limbs and Brush must be in bundles tied, not more than 4-feet in length and 18-inches in diameter.

Grass Clippings must be bagged.

Storm Debris collection is not included in the city's refuse collection contract.

For questions concerning trash service please call Decker Dispose-All at 281.559.4939.

For Recycling Information

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If you notice any wild animal or bird that is injured (not domestic pets), please contact a qualified wildlife rehabilitator who may be able to help. Do not attempt to feed or care for it yourself.

Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators - CLICK HERE

Orphaned and Injured Animal Information - CLICK HERE

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We do have city ordinances that pertain to this unfortunate problem. You must restrain your animals to your own property. In addition, dogs out on walks with people must be on a leash. The owners of animals that do not abide by this ordinance may be ticketed. If you are in doubt of the restrictions, please contact our Municipal Court Clerk to see a copy of the Ordinance. Also, this is in conjunction with barking dogs. Please keep your dogs quiet. This is also a violation for which you could be ticketed. There is also a restriction on the number of pets at any one residence.

We also request that all dogs have city tags which may be purchased at city hall each year for a fee of $4.00 per tag.

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Contact the Texas Wildlife Services Program. They handle public requests concerning nuisance wildlife for the state. Our area is handled by a representative out of their College Station office and can be reached at 979.845.6201.

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The Mosquito Control Division of the Harris County Public Health & Environmental Servies Department protects the health and well-being of county residents through surveillance, control, education, research, and technology to prevent and control mosquito-borne diseases, including St. Louis encephalitis (SLE) and West Nile Virus (WNV) encephalitis. [website]

Activities include:

  • Monitoring the Culex mosquito population, the primary transmitter of SLE and WNV

  • Laboratory analysis of mosquito samples to detect SLE and WNV

  • Monitoring and testing of live and dead birds for SLE and WNV

  • Conducting ground and aerial spraying activities in areas with confirmed SLE and WNV

  • Providing education, training and information to citizens, schools, community groups and the media regarding SLE, WNV and mosquito control

  • Conducting research to incorporate data into operational activities

  • Utilizing the Geographical Information System (GIS) to track and monitor mosquito-borne diseases

For more information contact:
Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services
Mosquito Control Division
3330 Old Spanish Trail, Bldg. D, Houston, Texas 77021
Phone: (713) 440-4800 Fax: ( 713) 440-4795

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The City of Shoreacres Fire Code provides that all homes must have address numbers no less than four-inches tall and plainly visible from the street fronting the property. [Fire Code 505.1] Even vacant an unlivable houses need proper address numbers.

The proper identification of homes in our community is important for city services, utilities, and emergency services.

Please check the address marking at your house. Numbers need to have good contrast with the background to be easily legible.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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We also have city ordinances pertaining to excessive weeds, trash and junk vehicles. Please keep our city beautiful. The first place to start is by everyone keeping their own home and yard looking good. For more information about trash collection click here.

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The City of Shoreacres has a juvenile curfew within the city for those under the age of 18.

For information concerning the juvenile curfew, please contact the Chief of Police at 281.307.1950.

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The City's fiscal (financial) year begins each year on October 1 and ends on September 31 of the following year.

Budget Audit
FY-2007/2008 FY-2007/2008
FY-2008/2009 FY-2008/2009
FY-2009/2010 FY-2009/2010
FY-2010/2011 FY-2010/2011
FY-2011/2012 FY-2011/2012
FY-2012/2013 FY-2012/2013
FY-2013/2014 FY-2013/2014
FY-2014/2015 FY-2014/2015
FY-2015/2016 FY-2015/2016
FY-2016/2017 FY 2016/2017
FY-2017/2018 FY 2017/2018
FY-2019/2020 proposed



January February March April May June
July August September October November December


In 2016 the City Council reorganized the Audit Committee by Resolution No. 2016-193
The Audit Committee was originally created in 2010 by Resolution No. 2010-27.

Position Name Term Expires
Council Felicia Ramos June 30, 2020
Council Neil Moyer June 30, 2020
Public Johnette Kuhn June 30, 2020
Public Angela Horton June 30, 2020

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